Multi-tasking Test

Every candidate says he can multi-task. Only a few are good at it.

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A preemployment multitasking test is a sought after tool these days. Up until now pre-employment testing for multi-tasking was subjective and expensive. But with the eSkill multitasking ability test, the wait is finally over.

Multitasking employeeOur newest eSkill test is a multitasking simulation test, based on the latest HTML5 technology. It fully immerses test-takers into realistic work environments as they fulfill tasks to prove their multitasking abilities. These new simulations are intuitive for test-takers to use in all popular browsers, and require no additional downloads or plugins.

The eSkill Multitasking test measures the ability to work on more than one task simultaneously, replicating the dynamic of a real work environment by giving candidates several tasks to solve within a certain time frame. This multitasking ability test is available for basic/intermediate and advanced levels. Candidates will be required to juggle a series of tasks, including managing emails, replying to chat messages, handling orders, and even responding to customers’ requests. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to shift back and forth between two or more activities.

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