Pre-Employment Tests for Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinkingIt’s sort of a no-brainer – tests for critical thinking skills must be considered for almost any skilled job or key position today. But critical thinking requires so much more than education and experience.

With jobs and markets changing so fast, it’s crucial that managers know how employees and even other managers make decisions and solve problems. Bad decisions have expensive and far-reaching consequences. Therefore knowing how he or she will discover problems, gather and assess information, evaluate risks, and develop solutions quickly is important.

Problem solving isn’t just about being reactive.  Anticipating problems before they happen matters more. So is the ability to recognize consequences and evaluate best options. At Success Performance Solutions we are experts at testing for critical thinking skills – from day-to-day technical troubleshooting  to visioning tomorrow’s strategy.

While many factors influence critical thinking skills, our client’s best results focus on two areas – the quality of the decision process and the speed at which decisions are made.

Critical Thinking Skills = Quality + Speed

For key positions such as management, sales, engineering, finance and others, we recommend two of the best assessments:

ASSESS which tests for personality traits that impact thinking style including factors such as the need to probe (curiosity), logic, caution, intuition, and open-mindedness.

ASSESS critical thinking

ASSESS tests for critical thinking style including need to probe, logic, caution, intuition, and open-mindedness

ASSESS Decisive Judgment Competency

ASSESS also reveals how a candidate compares to top performers in 38 competencies including decisive judgment.

Prevue Learning and Reasoning which tests how quickly and accurately a person can process new information and make good decisions. Learning & Reasoning reveals general mental abilities in three areas: logic, comprehension, and spatial relations (abstract and conceptual).

Learning and Reasoning Critical Thinking Skills

For associate level and hourly employees:

The General Reasoning portion of PeopleClues assesses general mental abilities. It is similar to Prevue Learning & Reasoning but it is shorter and combines the results into one general score.

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