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Proception 2 DISC Profile Testing

Best Practice Use for DISC Profile Testing: Assess team fit and culture fit; team building; personal and professional development; coaching and mentoring.

When it comes to understanding how a candidate or employee will interact with people and approach the job, there is no better online employment assessment than a DISC personality test. In fact, many managers refer to these behavioral assessments as an “employee user’s manual.” In each DISC report, the best ways to communicate, manage, and coach an employee are included. DISC really is the best behavioral assessment for employees.

DISC Profile Testing is a behavior assessment based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston (who incidentally was also the creator of Wonder Woman!). The acronym DISC represents four distinct personal preferences that determine a person’s behavioral style. These preferences affect how employees respond to the four Ps of Performance:  Problem, People, Pace and Procedures.  For example:

D = Direct – Employee is energized by taking control and solving Problems

I = Influence – Employee is energized when influencing other People

S = Steadiness – Employee is energized by a steady Pace

C = Conscientious – Employees is energized by complying with Procedures Set by other people.

While using a DISC personality test for employees will not predict if an individual is skilled at great conversations or completing a task, it does reveal with amazing accuracy how he or she will approach people, complete tasks, fit on a team, and embrace the company culture.

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