DISC and team building

DISC is one of the most popular employee assessments on the planet. And yet many organizations, its managers, and employees don’t understand how DISC can be used to build better teams.

In this 3 minute video Ira S Wolfe discusses how one organization used DISC to understand its management team better. To the executive’s surprise, they all fit together fairly well. But that’s really that surprising considering that people tend to hire people like themselves. The DISC Style Map exposed a significant vulnerability and weakness as the team  moves forward. Watch the video to see one example of how your organization might benefit from using the DISC assessment.

In addition to team building, DISC is a popular tool used for leadership and personal development, customer service training, and sales training. It can be used identify common approaches toward communication, leadership style,  and assess different work styles  as well as anticipate potential conflicts. And as was the case in the example in the video, it can quickly identify how to build better teams  as well as how similar DISC styles can lead to group think and be a distraction to others.

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