CriteriaOne® DISC Profile Tests

Pre-employment testing for millenials

CriteriaOne DISC profile tests are among the most popular and accurate employment assessments to assess behavior style fit and employee motivation. Hiring employees who are a good behavioral fit for your organization are proven factors influencing lower employee turnover, improved productivity, and increased profitability.

DISC assessment tests can be used for team building, customer service training, sales training, leadership development, conflict resolution, communication training, and more.

CriteriaOne DISCWhat is DISC?

DISC behavior styles can be described as “how” people approach the 4 P’s of everyday living: solving Problems, influencing and interacting with People, handling the Pace, and following rules and Procedures. Everyone has an observable and recognizable behavioral style. People with similar behavioral styles tend to exhibit similar work related characteristics.  The acronym D-I-S-C merely represents how four distinct and proven preferences toward working with people and tasks might be observed by others. DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

  • Direct: how people approach Problems
  • Influence: how people influence other People
  • Steadiness: how people approach Pace
  • Compliance: how people approach Procedures

DISC has also been called the universal language of behavior and is what the CriteriaOne® DISC Behavior System is based on. CriteriaOne DISC® describes these four fundamental behavior styles and identifies how each style is seen by others in a work environment. Dr. William Moulton Marston is the “father of DISC.” His model has been tested, proven accurate and effective with millions of people for nearly 90 years. Marston’s work is based on the study of the 4 Temperaments or 4 Humours, tracing back to the work of Hippocrates and Plato in 400BC.

Four Report Versions Are Available: Manager, Individual, Sales, and Interview Assistant

Completing the DISC questionnaire and creating reports is easy. The CriteriaOne® DISC system integrates a combination of advanced technology and behavioral principles that allows individuals to complete a short 10 –15 minute questionnaire and for employers to generate a report on their personal behavioral styles. CriteriaOne DISC Behavioral Styles reports produce an overview of the 4 basic behavioral style based on an individual’s responses to the online questionnaire. This report discusses how an individual approaches problems, influences people, paces his (her) work, or follow procedures. Each personalized report includes the following descriptions and performance improvement suggestions:

  • Notable Primary Behaviors
  • Preferred Work Environment
  • Potential Strengths in Business
  • Strengths to the Team
  • Adjustment to Work Environment
  • Implementing Change
  • Performance Enhancers
  • Personal Performance Motivators
  • Personal Growth Suggestions
  • Managing For Results
  • Communication Builders
  • Communication Barriers
  • Graphic Profile
  • Style Map
  • Action Plan
  • And more!


One of the biggest benefits of using DISC is its high ROI, convenience, and affordability. CriteriaOne DISC tests are completed online and require units to process reports. One unit is required to print one report. That means once a candidate or employee completes the questionnaire, the employer can process the results and create a report in one of the four formats. Pricing is available for single test and discounts are available for small business packages (minimum 10) and larger volumes. Call us at 800-803-4303 for more information.

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