CriteriaOne® DISC Profile Tests

CriteriaOne DISC profile tests are among the most popular and accurate employment assessments to assess behavior style fit and employee motivation. Hiring employees who are a good behavioral fit for your organization are proven factors influencing lower employee turnover, improved productivity, and increased profitability.

DISC assessment tests can be used for team building, customer service training, sales training, leadership development, conflict resolution, communication training, and more.

CriteriaOne DISCWhat is DISC?

DISC behavior styles can be described as “how” people approach the 4 P’s of everyday living: solving Problems, influencing and interacting with People, handling the Pace, and following rules and Procedures. Everyone has an observable and recognizable behavioral style. People with similar behavioral styles tend to exhibit similar work related characteristics.  The acronym D-I-S-C merely represents how four distinct and proven preferences toward working with people and tasks might be observed by others. DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

  • Direct: how people approach Problems
  • Influence: how people influence other People
  • Steadiness: how people approach Pace
  • Compliance: how people approach Procedures

DISC has also been called the universal language of behavior and is what the CriteriaOne® DISC Behavior System is based on. CriteriaOne DISC® describes these four fundamental behavior styles and identifies how each style is seen by others in a work environment. Dr. William Moulton Marston is the “father of DISC.” His model has been tested, proven accurate and effective with millions of people for nearly 90 years. Marston’s work is based on the study of the 4 Temperaments or 4 Humours, tracing back to the work of Hippocrates and Plato in 400BC.

Four Report Versions Are Available: Manager, Individual, Sales, and Interview Assistant

Completing the DISC questionnaire and creating reports is easy. The CriteriaOne® DISC system integrates a combination of advanced technology and behavioral principles that allows individuals to complete a short 10 –15 minute questionnaire and for employers to generate a report on their personal behavioral styles. CriteriaOne DISC Behavioral Styles reports produce an overview of the 4 basic behavioral style based on an individual’s responses to the online questionnaire. This report discusses how an individual approaches problems, influences people, paces his (her) work, or follow procedures. Each personalized report includes the following descriptions and performance improvement suggestions:

  • Notable Primary Behaviors
  • Preferred Work Environment
  • Potential Strengths in Business
  • Strengths to the Team
  • Adjustment to Work Environment
  • Implementing Change
  • Performance Enhancers
  • Personal Performance Motivators
  • Personal Growth Suggestions
  • Managing For Results
  • Communication Builders
  • Communication Barriers
  • Graphic Profile
  • Style Map
  • Action Plan
  • And more!


One of the biggest benefits of using DISC is its high ROI, convenience, and affordability. CriteriaOne DISC tests are completed online and require units to process reports. One unit is required to print one report. That means once a candidate or employee completes the questionnaire, the employer can process the results and create a report in one of the four formats. Pricing is available for single test and discounts are available for small business packages (minimum 10) and larger volumes. Call us at 800-803-4303 for more information.
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What industries benefit from DISC? There is not a business, organization, or industry that can?t benefit by using DISC in their workplace.  From the individual employee seeking to improve his personal performance to the manager looking to jumpstart sales, customer, teamwork and leadership, using DISC leads to excellent outcomes with minimal investment and training.

Are there certain job positions that benefit most from DISC?
Like the previous question, individuals in every job position benefit from DISC. DISC is most commonly used in job positions where top performance is dependent upon excellent communication with others, such as salespeople, customer service representatives, and leadership positions. But every position from the custodian to the receptionist to the engineer benefits from knowing how others perceive them and what they can do to adjust.  Whether you work alone from home or in a large office complex, the ability to communicate with others is the key. DISC is the perfect tool to open the door to better communication.
When should you use DISC?

CriteriaOne DISC assessments help managers, human resources, and individual employees eliminate much of the needless employee motivation guesswork, disruptive interpersonal conflicts, and petty dysfunctional behaviors that stop teams from working effectively together. DISC assessments are used worldwide in thousands of business of all sizes, in public, private, and non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies for dozens of reasons. Here are just a few of the most popular uses of DISC:

  • Leadership and executive development
  • Management training
  • Sales training
  • Conflict management
  • Teambuilding
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Job coaching
  • Individual career planning

Noticeably absent from this list is employee selection. While used often in many companies to screen employees, no DISC assessments should ever be used as the sole pre-employment test. While many DISC profile tests are valid and reliable (CriteriaOne DISC is one of them), they are not predictive of job skills.  DISC merely predicts HOW an individual will approach the job, not if he or she can perform the duties.  When used for employee selection, managers must keep DISC in the proper context ? to assess compatibility with how the company prefers employees to approach people and tasks, how they will get alone with co-workers, managers, and customers, and how they will fit into the company culture.   But as far as job competence and proficiency, DISC is not a valid predictor. If not used as part of the screening and selection process, it is recommended that all employees complete a DISC assessment during onboarding or shortly thereafter. In addition to helping the employee with individual professional development, CriteriaOne DISC serves as an “owner’s manual” for every new employee, guiding his or her approach toward communicating, motivating, coaching plus creating the best work environment and improving performance.

BreakThrough to Success Workshops

Break Through To Success is our most popular and comprehensive training event that combines DISC Behavioral Style and Business Motivators. It’s perfect for team building, employee motivation, conflict resolution and leadership development. Break Through To Success is available for train-the-trainer or on-site workshops. The following modules are available separately or as a total package:

  • Unlock the door to quick rapport
  • Open the door to motivating yourself and others
  • Manage and cope with conflict
  • Build a team that clicks, not cliques

For more information about the Break Through to Success workshops, click here or call 800-803-4303. [/toggle]