Twas two weeks before New Year and all through the place,
Each manager was asking “Where will we find our next ace?”

Technology grew this year at a numbing pace,
Forcing many companies to automate, heating up the job skills race.

Productivity improved while employee counts dropped,
Finding skilled workers was painful as hiring plans flopped.

Quit rates rose too and turnover was not so low,
Highly skilled workers were heard singing “That’s just quid pro quo.”

Employers were troubled and frustrated with the Feds,
Congress wasn’t much help either, causing uncertainty in our heads.

But amidst all the challenges, there arose a loud clatter,
Of skill gaps and talent forcing changes that mattered.

Job descriptions were reviewed and wages adjusted with care,
Everyone hoped that more qualified workers would be there.

With the CEO driving and HR as co-pilot,
The duo was heard shouting, “Recruiting and retention must be our steady diet.”

Many businesses responded by refreshing their brand,
They dashed old recruitment plans, those were just too bland.

Businesses searched for workers both near and afar,
Targeting community and schools with laser-like talent radar.

Social networks were tapped, former employees contacted too,
No stone left unturned, this change was long overdue.

Managers questioned plans and searched for new ways,
Seeking solutions to guide candidates through the new skill gap maze.

Job fit, culture, and analytics created such a buzz,
Forcing executives to question the way things “was.”

Recruiters found interviews and résumés bulging with lies,
Background checks and employment tests now sounded critically wise.

Boomers and Millennials tested manager skills,
To all it became clear leadership could no longer be run of the mill.

For those of you hoping for a quick fix,
I’m sorry to disappoint, it won’t come from St. Nick.

Now, Dasher! now, Dancer, Now Prancer, and Vixen,
Solutions will come to those with committed conviction.

As the passing year leaves us a little bit older,
We learn that success does not come from crying on other’s shoulders.

So let’s start with a smile as we ring in the new year,
Good wishes to all and to all good cheer.

We wish all our clients and friends health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.