You’ve got a job opening for a sales professional. You want to do some type of pre-employment testing for sales fit to see how successful the individual will be in the position. Sales assessment tests provided by Success Performance Solutions can help you make better decisions when hiring sales professionals. A sales aptitude test will analyze the personality and ability of a sales professional in order to see if a potential employee has the traits and skill sets necessary to succeed in your sales organization. Pre-employment testing for sales should be a key component of every sales organizations hiring protocols.

employee assessmentA sales aptitude test can be a great equalizer, a way to compare candidates who are similar in other ways. Resumes don’t often tell the whole story. By utilizing sales assessment tests, you can scientifically determine which salesperson with a group of potential employees is the best fit for your organization. Since sales skill sets can be costly for a company to develop, it is important to know from the start what specific sales skill sets a sales candidate has already.

Pre-employment testing for sales can be an effective way to measure the ‘fit’ for a specific sale position as well as the fit within the culture of your organization. You invest a lot of time, effort, and capital into training a new hire, so you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right person.

Sales assessment tests also provide an objective measurement of a job candidate’s behaviors and skills. Sales aptitude tests can also keep disgruntled non-hires from suing your organization for unfairness in the hiring process. With all things being equal, the sales aptitude test is an important indicator of success in a position. If an applicant didn’t do well, all you have to do is showcase the results and this will support your company’s decision and prove that your decision wasn’t made subjectively or with bias.

Incorporating sales assessment tests into the hiring process can help reduce the turnover rate with your sales team. As we mentioned before, it takes time and resources to hire an individual. When you spend all that time and money on a person, you want them to succeed and remain with the company. Pre-employment testing for sales can help your organization hire the right person for the job, the person who will remain in your employ for a long period of time and help your organization thrive.

You can also include questions in your assessment that determine a potential hire’s attitudes towards absenteeism, tardiness, theft, drugs and more. You can customize the sales aptitude test for your organization and make it work for you on many levels. We, at Success Performance Solutions, can help fit you with the right pre-employment testing for sales that will help you determine the best candidate for the job.

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