Executive Innovation host Carrie Chitsey Wells has Ira Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions, on the show. They talk about what is keeping HR executives and hiring managers up at night. Show highlights: 1. Hiring and Recruiting technology innovation: it’s not the future, if you haven’t started, you are behind. 2. Chatbots: are they good for screening applicants to save the applicant time and the company money? Are they good enough as a standalone or does video chat really compliment the process? 3. Mobile apps aren’t just for targeting hourly workers and Millennials, Baby Boomers are using them to search for jobs too. 4. Is there an easier way to do traditional job fairs, through video chat that get better candidates and faster? 5). The candidate is interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. Are only the Millennials and Gen Z’s looking for the company to be “authentic” and feel like they “belong” or is it all generations?