Is Small Business Ready for Second Life?

We don't struggle with the job market, we define it.

Is Small Business Ready for Second Life?

When small business owners and CEOs are struggling in real-life paying their bills, competing in a global marketplace, and finding qualified workers, the 3D virtual community of Second Life sounds like a spectacular waste of time. But Second Life might just be the place to seek a cost-effective, highly efficient way to train, develop, and even select employees to compete in a complex and changing world. “Is Business Ready for Second Life?” is the subject of this week’s show with my guest, Tom Samson. Tom is Client Services Provider at Teamwork Dynamics,Inc.and works with businesses to help them build high performance organizations. He utilizes Second Life as a platform to get them moving in the right direction. You won’t want to miss the segment of the show when Tom discusses how first responders and nurses are being trained in Second Life.

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