Good Customer Service Skill Tests for Pre Employment

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“Don’t ever doubt in the customer service business the importance of people and their attitudes.”
Former Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher

Every business needs to be concerned with customer service.  Customer service excellence starts with a focus on people. To differentiate yourself from the competition, customer service skill tests help companies select applicants who have the right attitude, skills, and job fit.

Stop giving lip service to customer excellence. A recent survey revealed that 85 percent of consumers will retaliate against a company if their needs are not met… and nearly half will stop doing business with the company. Do something about meeting customer expectations with Success Performance Solutions customer service skills test and training aids.

Customer service skill testing is a solid investment with high ROI. Customer service skill tests help ensure that the new employee you hire has the knowledge and skills to do meet and exceed customer expectations. Skill testing also allows you to identify gaps for training the incumbent workforce.

Success Performance Solutions offers three pre employment test systems for customer service skills tests.  We also have industry specific customer service testing for banking, call centers, retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

Click here to request more information about Customer Service Skill Tests or continue reading to view sample reports from our PeopleClues, eSkill, and SELECT customer service test systems.

eSkill testing assesses a candidate’s customer service orientation, adaptability, etiquette, listening skills, problem solving, communication skills, and teamwork. Learn more about our administrative, technical, and work skill testing software.

Download a eSkill Customer Service Skill Test Sample Report.

PeopleClues Customer Service is our most popular testing software. It measures six personality traits that predict good customer service skills. And each JobClues report includes customer service interview questions and a job fit score. Available for general customer service, banking, call centers, hospitality, health care, property management, retail, and more.

Getting started with PeopleClues Pre-Employment Testing is as easy as 1-2-3. Just watch this video.

Download a sample PeopleClues Customer Service Job Fit Test.

SELECT is a pre-employment screening tool validated to identify customer service behaviors such as Positive Service Attitude, Accountability, Frustration Tolerance, Acceptance of Diversity, Multi-tasking and more…. plus a Validity Check and Integrity Index. Each customized report includes a step by step interview guide including recommended interview questions. Available for general customer service, banking, call centers, hospitality, health care, retail, and more.

Download a sample SELECT Customer Service Attitude Report

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