Pre Employment Assessment Tests for Small Business

Pre employment assessment tests for small business owners help them overcome their biggest challenge – hiring the right employee the first time. Studies have discovered that a single hiring mistake can cost 1 to 5 times the annual salary of an under-performing or terminated employee. The loss is even greater for the small business because every employee plays an essential and critical role. Hiring and dealing with poor performance and employee turnover also places a heavy burden on the owner, managers, and other employees.

pre employment assessment testsUsing pre-hire assessment tests can improve many aspects of performance including customer service, sales, productivity, quality, client satisfaction, and employee engagement. Success Performance Solutions are recognized as experts in employee assessment and we offer the best small business hiring solutions at affordable fees and no-hassle implementation.

Our Elite pre-hire assessment test suites were designed and validated for the small business. With over 2 dozen job templates (and unlimited possibilities with our proprietary build-your-own platform), Elite pre-employment testing can ensure the right job fit in nearly every industry including manufacturing, logistics, transportation, hospitality, property management, health care, technology, finance and banking, call centers, automotive, retail, and casinos. Elite tests candidates for customer service, sales, administrative, IT, and dozens of other jobs. It includes employee assessment testing for general reasoning (cognitive abilities), personality job fit, employee attitudes, and even mechanical aptitude. Testing for Elite is completed on online and reports are available immediately. Account set-up is easy and training to use and interpret reports is minimal. Plus all clients of Success Performance Solutions receive unlimited phone and email support.


eSkills is another essential pre employment assessment for any small business hiring employees who must perform technical or administrative tasks. Hundreds of single-subject predefined tests, suitable for testing candidates at all levels and job-based assessments are available. Subjects include typing, data entry, and software such as Word, Excel, Quickbooks, and dozens more. There are off-the-shelf, multi-subject tests that cover the skills needed for nearly every position from the receptionist to management. Like Elite, account set-up is easy and training to use and interpret reports is minimal.

Both Elite and eSkill pre-hire assessment tests are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no long-term commitment or unlimited use flat fee subscriptions.

Before hiring your next employee, you should give our pre-employment assessment tests a try. Reducing turnover, improving customer service, and growing profits beings here. Call Success Performance Solutions now at 800-803-4303 for a free sample report or more information.