Today’s job market is tough, not just for prospective employees, but for employers as well. Employers are inundated with applications, resumes, and cover letters. To make matters worse, recent studies show that it takes nearly 100 candidates to find one qualified candidate. Taking the time to sift through all of the paperwork and emails to find qualified candidates is a luxury (and skill) few small businesses have.

“In response to clients frustrated with this overload of resumes from unqualified candidates,” says Ira S Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions, “we are very excited to introduce Prevue APS PRO.”

Prevue APS Pro is a modern, affordable and easy-to-use applicant processing system. It allows small businesses to hire smarter and faster. This recruiting software not only helps reduce the cost of hiring, but also includes a company career site for applicants to upload resumes, complete applications, submit biographical information, and more. Businesses have the ability to screen candidates using their own customized job and skill specific questions, then track, sort, and contact applicants. 

Prevue APS Pro allows even the smallest business, who often don’t even have a full time human resources person on staff, to cast the widest recruitment net possible. “Without an APS,” Wolfe asserts,”small companies tend to avoid using multiple social networking sites like Craigs List, Facebook,and LinkedIn and more traditional job boards to curtail the influx of resumes. Prevue APS Pro allows companies to post jobs on as many sites as necessary but view all the applicants on one centralized dashboard.” Prevue APS Pro also includes free job postings to a dozen job boards.


Prevue APS Pro eliminates wasted time spent on chasing and interviewing unqualified candidates, reducing the cost to hire and improving the quality of hire significantly. It is easily accessible from any computer available to job applicants and employers 24/7. There is no software to purchase or install.

Prevue APS Pro has been used to recruit all types of positions including Sales Professionals, C-level executives, Administrative Assistants, Accountants, Customer Services Representatives, Managers, and more. Prevue APS Pro also includes the option to screen candidates with Prevue pre-employment assessments.

Reseller programs are also available for recruiters and staffing agencies.

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