How job seekers find jobs and how companies recruit find employees has certainly changed. Just a few years ago, it involved mailing in resumes and cover letters to job notices that a person found (or a company placed) in a newspaper. That eventually moved online although many companies used the newspaper websites.

Today job search and recruitment often begins with a search on Google or Bing.  From there job seekers click to a company’s career site, ATS, or job search engines such as Indeed. For the most part, recruitment marketing has shifted from paper to digital and it’s not uncommon that neither the employer or candidate will market or apply using paper.  While it’s taken nearly 2 decades to see this transformation, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Behind the scenes artificial intelligence (AI) creating a lot of disruption, improvement, and opportunity. AI has the potential to streamline the hiring process for both sides of the equation. What will job search and recruitment look like in the near future. This graphic explains it.

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How Connected Society Helps Companies and Job Hunters Connect