Up Your Adaptability Quotient

Attaining a Competitive Advantage
Ready. Set. Grow.

Are you trying to stay one step ahead of the competition? In business, even the slightest advantage can make or break your company. But just how do you get that all-important competitive advantage?

In a crowded marketplace or fast-moving industry, it can be extremely hard. Below, we give you our must-know tips on how to get a competitive advantage. 

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Up the Adaptability Quotient in Your Workforce

Measurements and predictions of success have always changed. IQ used to be the go-to and showed how intelligent a person was perceived to be. After this it was emotional intelligence, that told us how well a person was at building relationships.

With the dawn of the digital era and the rise of automation, the adaptability quotient has become the new measure of how successful a person may be. It measures a person’s ability to adapt to different tasks and jobs, which is certainly going to be brought in front of them in a constantly changing environment.

Get a mix of people who embody IQ, emotional intelligence, and adaptability in your workforce. with a business competitive advantage that can take on any changes or problems that will arise.