If you are a user of the PeopleClues Assessment System, you don’t want to miss the just announced PeopleClues e-School beginning June 4.  The “school” will be sponsored by Success Performance Solutions and Chrysalis Corporation.

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According to Ira S Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions, “PeopleClues e-School is part of our long-term commitment to provide the most attentive customer service in the assessment industry. There are hundreds of employee assessment systems available but we are the most responsive and supportive. We don’t expect our clients to become experts so we are available when they need us.”

The webinar series is free to all current users of PeopleClues and clients of Success Performance Solutions and Chrysalis Corporation. “We are very excited about introducing online user webinars for each of our assessment products,” Wolfe says. “They have been in the planning for a long time and with 100s of small and mid-size businesses using PeopleClues, it’s long overdue with the many upgrades and new features we’ve added.”

PeopleClues e-School will span four (4) weeks during the month of June.  Users will meet once each week on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM. Each webinar is scheduled for 45 minutes followed by Q&A. Registration (free) is required, (Not using PeopleClues? Click here for a free demo!)

PeopleClues is a 4-tests-in-one pre-employment assessment system. All four assessments – personality job fit, employee attitudes, general reasoning, and employee engagement – can be completed in any combination by a candidate for one low fee and compared to successful employees in over 110 different jobs. Very affordable (even for the small business) twelve-month unlimited use subscriptions are also available.

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June 4 – Clues to Getting the Most Out of the Clues Dashboard

  1. How to create an Event (a job posting)
  2. How to invite (and re-invite) a candidate via email
  3. How to create a self-registration link you can use in job ads and on your website
  4. How to be notified when candidates complete assessments
  5. How to produce reports after a candidate completed an assessment.
  6. How to retest a candidate.
  7. Q&A

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June 11 – How to Read the Personality/General Reasoning Report

  1. Expert advice on how to interpret each scale
  2. Which scales are most important
  3. How to read between the lines
  4. What the reports do and don’t tell you!
  5. Q&A

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June 18 – How to Read the Attitudes Report

  1. Insider tips on how to interpret each scale
  2. Understanding the 3 core scales (conscientious, hostility, honesty)
  3. When to add one or more additional scales (sexual harassment, computer misuse, drug misuse)
  4. What the reports do and don’t tell you!
  5. Q&A

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June 25 – Templates, Job Suitability, and More

  1. 110 Job Benchmarks and Counting – Which one should I use?
  2. How to select more than one job benchmark, or a different benchmark, when producing a candidate report
  3. Job Suitability – What’s a good score?
  4. Q&A

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