With every breath we take and every minute that passes. We change. The world changes. Just watch what will happen in the next minute or while you’re reading this article.

We want life to be simple and predictable. But life is full of surprises and unintended circumstances. In fact life seems to love channel surfing, changing things up over and over and expecting us to follow wherever it wants to take us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make change work for you.

What started as a feature article for a business magazine evolved into a white paper, then a TEDxLehighRiver talk, and soon to became a new book written by Success Performance Solutions president Ira S Wolfe. The book is scheduled to hit the market in early 2017.

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In the current version of the white paper, Wolfe details how fast change is happening and how large the scale is.  McKinsey & Company even suggests that the speed of change is 10X faster and 300X the scale than it was just a century or so ago. He then begins to lay out a means to help make change for you…and for all of us.  The white paper is a work in progress and individuals and companies are encouraged to share their stories how change is disrupting and transforming their lives. Please share your comments here or contact us directly.

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