Selecting applicants for a job opening is never easy. Make the wrong choice and it could cost your business time and money training the new hire or finding a more qualified replacement. Business hiring requires accuracy and efficiency, which is what you get when you include a pre-employment test into the hiring process. Pre-employment aptitude testing is a great way to gauge a person’s abilities to perform in the role to which he or she has applied. These tests are absolutely objective and give hiring managers and small business owners immediate feedback on the potential viability of the job applicant. Success Performance Solutions offers complete pre-employment testing systems that can be adapted for a variety of industries.

recruitment find the right peopleWith the pre-employment test software offered by Success Performance Solutions, potential employers can test both personality traits as well as quantifiable skills like general mental abilities, proficiency in a second language, proficiency with computers, etc. We offer pre-employment tests tailored for a long list of business types and industries, but we also offer the ability for potential employers to customize their own tests for more specialized aspects of the position that you’re trying to fill.

Make no mistake about it, a pre-employment test cannot and should not replace basic due diligence when considering a person’s qualifications and experience for employment, but pre-employment aptitude testing can be used in conjunction with the complete hiring process in order to narrow down and refine the potential pool of qualified applicants as much as possible. Clients of Success Performance Solutions who have used our software in the past appreciate how helpful our software has been in helping them make tough hiring decisions, improving productivity, and reducing employee turnover.

When you work with our suite of pre-employment aptitude testing software to screen potential job candidates, you’ll have direct access to our team of hiring experts who can help you integrate our tests into your hiring process or applicant tracking software. The software is designed to be user friendly for both the employer and candidate. But what really differentiates us from our competitors is our outstanding support and service. We’re always happy to walk you through the setup and testing process and respond to questions about the pre-employment test reports.

In addition to helping businesses fill single employee vacancies, our suite of pre employment test software can also help businesses build strategically staffed teams of professionals for individual projects. Our software can help you balance logical and detail oriented thinkers with free wheeling and creative thinkers for amazing results. To help you decide whether or not our testing software is right for your organization, and to let you see how easy our software can be to implement into your hiring process, we also offer a free test drive of our software with no risk or obligation to buy.

For more information on how our pre-employment aptitude testing software can help your business find the most qualified people for positions at all levels of your business, or to learn how to sign up for a free software test drive, get in touch with Success Performance Solutions today. For fastest service call us at 800-803-4303, chat with us, or submit the form below.
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