How to plug company career site leaks

With the convergence of  “Indeedagedon” and record low unemployment comes a new condition impacting company growth and performance. It’s called QCDS or “Qualified Candidate Deficiency Syndrome” and it is causing significant distress from the production floor to the board room. The inability to attract, hire, and retain top talent impacts strategic plans, performance, and productivity. QCDS has forced companies to innovate and go on the offensive with aggressive offensive recruitment strategies, beginning with attracting more qualified job seekers to their job posts.

That’s why we had David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing, stop by Geeks Geezers and Googlization Show this week. Haley Marketing works with recruitment and staffing companies around the world, training them to recruit and engage talent by implementing effective marketing strategies.

Before I get too far, you might be wondering what Indeedageddon is.  Starting January 7, 2019, recruitment and staffing companies will have to pay if they want their jobs to be included in Indeed’s organic search results. The new policy affects pretty much every kind of agency, as many as 13,000 of them. On top of that, Indeed has opted not to “play with” Google for Jobs.  That means jobs posted on Indeed will not be indexed by Google.

With “Indeedagedon” and the current low unemployment rate causing companies distress when it comes to receiving applicants for their positions, recruitment departments are looking for other strategies that will drive candidate traffic to their job posts.

So now that Indeed has turned the tables when it comes to job posting, how can Google for Jobs be utilized in its place? David says the most important thing when it comes to making use of Google’s job board is to make sure that your job is not only posted on your website, but that it’s also optimized for readability so that it can be indexed by Google and visible in Google for Jobs. Additionally, make sure that any career sites you’re using are also being indexed by Google.

Aside from optimizing your job post for Google’s job boards, when it comes to recruitment marketing, David starts each client with what he calls “the four pillars” of recruitment marketing.

  1. Your Career Site: What are you doing to ensure that every qualified job-seeker looking at your career page or job listing applies?
  2. Job Advertising: What strategies do you have in place for advertising to today’s diversified land competitive labor market?
  3. Social Recruiting: Do you have a social platform plan in place that’s engaging passive job seekers and interesting them in your company?
  4. Your Employment Brand: What does Glassdoor and Indeed reviews, or Google say about you? How do you believe you’ll attract candidates to your company if your employment brand is unknown or poorly represented?

In addition to these pillars, David points out that companies currently having the hardest time when it comes to finding and keeping great candidates are the ones who continue to ignore their candidates’ recruitment experience, application process, mobile application availability, and pay disparity within their workforce.

If you want your company to acquire top talent fast, it’s not only important to address the above issues, it’s absolutely vital. But getting more eyeballs to see your job listing isn’t enough.

  1. Both your career site and each job posting must be mobile ready and responsive – no more “squeeze and pinch” to read the jobs your company is selling.  Today’s top talent doesn’t have the patience for this and will simply swipe left.
  2. Applications too must be mobile ready. More importantly job applications should encourage job seekers to apply. Unfortunately many applications are leftovers from a paper-and-pen world. That’s why as many as 90 percent of job candidates abandon their application before submitting. It’s time for a job application makeover. Here are a few tips
  3. For goodness sake, learn to take advantage of Google for Jobs. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt to get started and get your jobs listed but it’s free (for now!) And because almost 3 out of 4 job seekers start their job search on Google, it’s makes great business sense. 


Thanks to David Searns for joining and sharing with our listeners his insights and advice on Recruitment Marketing

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