Today’s jobs are more complex than ever.  Most workers aren’t doing just one thing anymore; they’re solving problems, managing projects, and finding creative ways to improve their companies’ operations and performance.

A candidate might say he has experience in these areas, but does he have the ability?  How can you be sure that the candidate in front of you can tackle all the challenges of the job? Using a cognitive ability test for employment selection can help you find the answer.

These are the best reasons to use critical thinking skill tests in your hiring and recruitment process.

1. Better Employee Performance
People use critical thinking skills in their everyday lives to manage finances, make household repairs, care for their children, and a host of other things. If their critical thinking skills improve their personal affairs, imagine what they can do for your business.

Employees with strong critical thinking skills can manage multiple projects at once, create better workflows for themselves and their teams, and deliver quality work. Critical thinking skills are valuable in the workplace, and using a cognitive ability test for employment selection can help you find the candidates that can add the most value.

2. More Innovation
People with strong thinking skills know how to work more efficiently, so they also know how to develop solutions that help others do the same.  In other words, strong thinking abilities can equal innovative ideas.  For example:

  • People with spatial skills know how to organize offices and turn abstract thoughts into clear visuals.
  • Those with mechanical skills create products that solve everyday problems.
  • Those with verbal skills communicate and summarize important ideas quickly.

All these things can be developed and standardized for others to follow.  Anyone can implement new systems and procedures, but people with strong general mental abilities know how to create them.

3. Competitive Advantage

When your staff has demonstrated strong thinking skills, they know how to innovate and deliver key products and services, including the products and services you offer to customers.

Companies don’t generally talk about the critical thinking skills of their employees, but they do talk about their staff’s expertise, knowledge, and level of service.  Those with strong thinking abilities know how to provide these things in a way that sets your business apart from others who don’t perform such tests.

A business is only as strong as the people working in it. Make sure your business has the best in the field; use a cognitive ability test for employment selection and find the people that can make your company work more creatively, and efficiently.