[PODCAST] Trendspotting: Cure for Future Shock

An Interview with Trendspotter Daniel Levine

Have you ever wished you can look into a crystal ball and see what the future of your business or technology looked like? The good news is you can! All you need are killer investigative skills along with the willingness to enter an experience of awe and excitement. The future then unfolds right in front of your eyes. All you need to do is follow the data.

In fact, trendspotting is becoming a new occupation. Companies around the world are employing trend forecasters and spotters to see what’s working in other industries and teach them how to apply these trends to their specific niche. 

This week’s guest on Geeks Geezers and Googlization, is Daniel Levine; one of the world’s leading trend experts at Avant Guide Institute, WikiTrend, & has been called the “Guru of Cool” from CNN. Listen as Daniel shares with us what current trends are working, what we need to pay attention to, and what it takes to become a trend spotting expert.

So, how does one become one of the world’s leading trend experts? Daniel says “ by being curious, malleable, and always ready to learn.” For Daniel, his start came “by lucking into a travel writing job” and learning everything he could about the areas he immersed himself in.

Learning to understand and interpret the direction the world of business is going in might seem like a HUGE challenge. And it can be! As our world and society changes at an increasingly rapid pace, we need to learn to utilize this information better – to embrace and serve the people around us who are pressed for time. Essentially, trend spotting is becoming a business skill. It helps you better understand your customer base, what they expect to use and purchase, and then make more money from leading, not following (who wouldn’t want that!?).

“Innovation for your industry is happening outside your industry.”

Daniel’s one most important piece of advice for business owners who want to wade into this idea of future planning? 

“Innovation for your industry is happening outside your industry.” By taking the time to read, research and talk to experts outside of your zone of genius, you will discover ideas you can implement to improve the future of your business. (I’ve written about this many times and referenced “info-sponging” in my book, too.)

What Daniel loves most about the world of trendspotting is “it’s about studying history as it happens.” With technology and cultural change accelerating at unprecedented speed, Daniel feels we need to embrace and better understand technologies such as AI, machine learning, bio-engineering, and automation so that we aren’t shocked by sudden advancements.

Daniel also laid down one final gem. He recommends changing your idea of traditional employment.

“Work relationships are now transactional and employees are looking for something to gain before moving on to the next opportunity.” If you don’t want to get left behind in the age of Googlization, you need to be adaptable and ready to constantly SHIFT.

Listen now to hear the rest of my interview with Daniel Levine.

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