Data Entry Skill Tests

Most administrative jobs that require typing and data entry attract more applicants than you can possibly hire. Data entry skill tests help you identify the most qualified candidates fast.

Many jobs require the ability to enter accurate, error-free records. But data entry proficiency requires speed too That’s why data entry testing has become a popular tool to ensure your next hire can keep the data flowing. Our data entry skill tests measure both.

If you’re not testing candidates (or employees to identify training needs) on data entry, consider these positive effects that a data entry test can have on your business.

Faster Typists

Many administrative assistants have to pass a data entry speed test that measures their typing speed, and they only spend part of their days typing. Imagine how important those skills tests are for full-time data entry professionals. Data comes in all the time, so it has to be entered all the time.  A slow typist would have a hard time handling that volume.  A fast typist, however, can churn out data in rapid succession, which keeps your records more up-to-date. Using data entry tests can help you identify high-quality typists.

More Accurate Records

Slow typing can slow a company down, but inaccurate data can bring it to a standstill. Incorrect numbers and misspelled words lead to inaccurate sales records, inventory levels, and a skewed picture of your company’s overall performance. Everyone makes mistakes, but data entry tests identify the workers who make less of them. These workers either enter the right records the first time or quickly catch and correct their mistakes.  Those kinds of workers enter correct data now, which helps prevent the issues surrounding incorrect records later.

Better Retention

Slow, inaccurate typists don’t stay in data entry jobs for long, but it can be a hassle to constantly replace them and find more qualified ones. A typing speed and accuracy tests makes this process shorter and easier. You spend money to employ data entry workers, but it costs just as much to recruit and hire them.  Testing for strong data entry skills guarantees that the workers you find will stay in the job longer and perform it better. Data entry workers are a boost to your business, as long as they’re up to the challenge. Don’t settle for so-so data entry – give your applicants a typing speed and accuracy test to find the best people for the job.

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