Case Studies and Testimonials

There is no better endorsement than client case studies and testimonials.

Ira S Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions, and his staff and team of consultants understand its clients have many options when choosing an employee assessment provider. While we strive to be the experts in employee testing, it would be naive to think that we stand alone at the top. We respect and value the many good employee assessment test consultants and other hiring solutions out there.

But what our competitors can’t copy or imitate is our commitment to serving clients and helping each and every one improve their hiring and promotion processes without becoming overwhelmed, learning new software, or spending too much time and money administering tests. Success Performance Solutions prides itself in delivering the most accurate and predictive results with the most attentive and responsive customer service in the employee test industry. We can provide unparalleled hiring solutions for nearly any job available.

Here are just a few of our client success stories.

Mike’s Car Wash (Featured in Talent Magazine, April 2013) – hiring customer service, car wash associates

Brown & Kysar (Engineering Firm) – hiring engineers and general manager

Engel Machinery Inc. NA (Manufacturing Firm) – hiring service techs, customer service, managers

Ames True Temper  (Manufacturing Firm) – hiring managers

White River Electric Association (Electric Coop) – hiring executives

G&T Arizona Cooperatives (Electric Coop) – leadership succession, hiring

Union National Community Bank – hiring bank tellers and customer service for new company culture

More Coming Soon!