Electric Coop Finds Future Leaders with Leadership Assessment Tests

Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives

Sierra Southwest Cooperative LogoHeadquarters: Benson, Arizona   “Our managers actually come looking for the assessment test results when they know the results should be in; they understand how useful these [leadership assessment] tools really are.”  – Lauri Martin, Human Resource Generalist

The Need

John C. Maxwell once said that “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” To get such results from any individual in a management position, however, takes proper recruiting, training, and development strategies. Senior management at Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives, providing electric power services throughout Arizona and California, know this well. So, the company has, for some time, invested in assessment testing as an integral part of its Succession Management Program.

Around 2004, Sierra Southwest Cooperative’s senior management team found itself facing a dilemma: the firm it was using for assessment testing services was not only becoming cost prohibitive, but was also operating a bit behind technology, offering many of its test only in pen-and-paper form. “We were looking for a less expensive solution at the time that was completely computer-based,” says Lauri Martin, the company’s Human Resource Generalist. That’s when they discovered Success Performance Solutions.

The Customized Solution

For the last nine years, Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives has been relying on a number of assessment tests offered by Success Performance Solutions to increase the company’s ability to develop and retain solid leadership. “They handle the assessment testing for all new hires and current employees moving into new positions,” says Emery Silvester, Director of Administrative Services. “It consists of a three-part test, that includes motivators, a preview of skills and abilities, and insight into an individual’s personality, communication skills, and characteristics.”

“All the managers here have really rely on Ira and Success Performance Solutions for the entire hiring process,” adds Martin. “Managers get a copy of the tests in order to make critical decisions. They actually come looking for the assessment test results when they know the results should be in; they understand how useful these tools really are.”

Silvester and Martin both point out that while Success Performance Solutions offers a lower price for their services than previous providers, the quality is better than what they’ve received in the past. And, they are seeing results. Of the 44 employees that have participated in the Succession Management Program, 18 have been promoted to management or other key positions so far.

The Added Bonus

The customer service at Success Performance Solutions is worth comment. “The staff is wonderful,” says Martin. “We have worked with Lori and Allison for years and we can call them for anything with no lag time. We have no recommendation for improvement.”

“We can cold call Ira for any reason at any time and he is wonderful also,” adds Silvester. “The billing process and support is super simple as well. It’s easy to get access to anything, with a great backup of all our records. Ira just has a very easy style to him, and it’s always nice to talk with him.”