Pre-Employment Assessment Tests for Auto Dealerships

The PeopleClues Auto Dealership suite of pre-employment assessments helps you select the right salespeople and managers to run your automotive business.

PeopleClues automotive test suite includes validated reports and job specific benchmarks for six key positions:

  • Customer Director
  • Finance Manager
  • General Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Persuasive Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Service Manager

…plus you have access to over 100 additional job benchmarks including customer service, administrative jobs, technicians, IT, and more.

VIEW a sample PeopleClues report.

Each PeopleClues assessment measures six critical personality traits that drive sales and management:

  • Conscientiousness – dependability and detail orientation
  • Tough Minded: ability to handle confrontation and assert oneself when necessary
  • Conventional: adaptability and organization
  • Extroversion: friendliness and socialability
  • Stability: resilience and ability to cope with stress
  • Team: attitude toward teamwork vs individualism
  • General Reasoning: the ability to learn quickly and think on your feet

In addition every PeopleClues report includes a Good Impression scale, a distortion scale that assesses if the applicant attempted to fake the report.

Every PeopleClues report also includes a list of recommended behavioral interview questions based on how the applicant responded to the questionnaire.

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