Remote Worker Profile

Make no mistake about it. The skills and personality traits that define an ideal remote worker profile differ from the job profile of employees who perform best “going to work.”

Why Test Remote Workers?

The number of remote workers has been on a rapid trajectory upward, doubling over the last 10 years. But it wasn’t always easy for companies to find the right person who could work away from the office. Not only do they have to make sure the candidate has the right skills for the job, but that he or she also has remote worker skills and mindset. Up to this point, a lot of hiring and telecommuting mistakes were made: the perfect candidate to work at your office might fail miserably working from home. The inability to assess remote worker fit may be a primary reasons why so many managers were slow to adopt telecommuting as an option.

The Covid-19 Pandemic abruptly changed that. Companies didn’t have a choice. The demand for telehealth exploded. But teachers, human resources, sales, information technology, financial advisors, insurance, and project managers were also transitioned from office workers to remote workers in an instant.

That’s why Success Performance Solutions is delighted to release the Remote Worker Profile. It includes 8 personality dimensions that differentiate top performing remote workers from under-performers. These 8 traits and attitudes were based on extensive research, conducted by its partner Psymetrics. Psymetrics then created a custom remote worker profile using its proprietary library of validated scales. The assessment is completed online and requires 10 minutes or less to complete. Results are delivered immediately to recruiters, HR, or hiring managers. Interpretation is easy too with easy to read results, expected job behaviors, suggested management strategies (should you hire the candidate) and recommended interview questions.

The following personality dimensions are evaluated in the Remote Worker Profile:


The degree to which the individual is likely to be able to adapt to change and is more open minded than stubborn. This characteristic is important for fast paced jobs where priorities often shift. It is also important for organizations that are in transition or are expecting changes that will affect work duties and responsibilities.

Open Mindedness

The degree to which the individual is willing to learn from others and from his/her own mistakes. Is not stubborn. Listens to the needs and advice of others. Is open to new ideas and concepts.

Self Confidence

The degree to which the individual is likely to be self assured, is not overly affected by what others think of him/her, and is confident in his/her decisions and actions. This characteristic is important for jobs that require independent thought, a self-starter attitude, sales and management.

Goal Focus

The degree to which the individual is able to focus on long-term goals regardless of distractions or obstacles that may be encountered.


The degree to which the individual is organized, structured and thoughtful about his/her work.

Good Citizen

The degree to which the individual is likely to follow company policies and adhere to rules and procedures established by management.

Social Awareness

The degree to which the individual is caring, empathetic and is service oriented.

Work Ethic

The degree to which the individual is likely to be hardworking, reliable, dedicated and punctual. He/she is conscientious, organized and plans ahead.

Slowly but surely, companies and employees have become more comfortable with telecommuting. But overnight, thanks to a global pandemic, remote work became the only option for millions of businesses when employees stopped “going to work” and started “working from home.” The remote workforce grew exponentially within days. Unfortunately many employers were caught by surprise. Workers were unprepared. Success Performance Solutions is ready to help companies make better hiring choices and help a burgeoning remote workforce meet and exceed expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Remote Worker Profile available online?

Yes. The assessment must be completed online and is accessible by desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

How long does it take candidates to complete?

Most candidates will complete the questionnaire in less than 10 minutes. 

How soon will HR or managers receive results?

Immediately.  Each report is emailed to you and can be accessed in your company’s testing site too.

Do we need special training?

No special training or certification is required. Our reports are written for HR and hiring managers, not psychologists. But we encourage you or your managers to contact us with any questions, anytime you need help.

Do you provide interview questions?

Yes. Each report contains recommended behavioral interview questions. Questions are triggered when a candidate respondes in a way that might expose a weakness or counter-productive behavior. The more “at-risk” responses, the more questions.

Can the profile be used with existing employees?

Yes. There are management strategies included with each profile. These can be used to identify potential performance gaps and provide the manager ways to intercept a problem and coach the employee to success. Success Performance Solutions also offers other assessments and online microlearning, helpful for training and development.

Are the tests legal to use?

The requirement for a pre-employment test to satisfy EEO and Department of Labor guidelines are validity, reliability, no adverse impact, and job relatedness. Each scale has been tested for validity, reliability, and adverse impact. Remote Worker Profile is job related too as long as the candidates are being assessed for remote work.

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