SimpleEvals – Online Employee Performance Reviews

Save time, increase productivity, and eliminate hassles when administering employee performance reviews with SimpleEvals.

Ask any supervisor or manager what he or she hates most about the job and you’ll often hear “performance reviews.” That’s why Success Performance Solutions has created SimpleEvals. It is a user-friendly, centralized online solution to streamline and improve employee development and bottom line cooperative performance.

If you want a simple and affordable but effective, productive way to evaluate employee performance, SimpleEvals is your solution. You can even use the criteria from your existing performance summary form and put it online!

Working supervisors and managers should not be burdened and inconvenienced with paperwork and administration. HR should not be burdened by chasing down supervisors and managers to complete employee reviews and mediating complaints from disappointed employees. SimpleEvals helps remove the hassle and enables a supervisor or manager to invest his or her time in evaluating and improving employee performance, not filling out and copying paperwork.

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