Quality of Motivation | What’s New In Employee Motivation

Have you ever wondered if your next hire…

Is this a highly motivated employee, or are they just high maintenance?

Is self-made or the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time?

Is high potential or has reached his or her plateau?

Is carrying “personal baggage” that could interfere with his or her job?

employee motivationDespite all the claims of many test publishers and consultants, motivation, initiative, and commitment remain some of the most elusive qualities of a candidate or employee to assess. At their best personality and ability tests help us understand “raw talent.” They do little to help us if a candidate can repeat past performance or an employee can meet new more challenging expectations.

That is until now!

Advances in motivational and neuroscience research are breaking the code to understanding motivation. At the core is revolutionary and innovation data showing that the “adrenaline rush,” the typical measurement of motivation, is a vague, inconsistent, and not very accurate measure. When companies emphasize only high levels of activity and ignore quality of motivation, bad things happen. Peak performance requires both productive and efficient behavior and habits.

We are living in a new world of work. It requires a more advanced, skilled workforce.  It has little tolerance for ineffective and inefficient behavior. The Quality of Motivation and Success Performance Solutions teams are at the forefront of applying what’s new in motivation to finding highly motivated employees and improving their performance in the workplace.

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