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Are You Playing by Google for Jobs's Rules?
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It’s time for a Google for Jobs Search Audit if …

Your online job postings aren’t showing up in Google for Jobs.

Your competitors’ online job posting rank higher than yours.

Frustration in filling open jobs is reaching an all-time high. The combination of the lowest U.S. unemployment rate since 1969 and the highest quit rates in nearly 2 decades have converged to produce lengthy time-to-fill spans and lower quality of hires.

But as tight as the labor market it, many companies just make the problem worse by not playing by Google’s rules.

Not that might lead you to ask … what does Google have to do with job search?  It’s simple!

Nearly 3 out of 4 job seekers start their job search on Google.  

Over 60% of companies rely on Indeed to advertise their job openings.

ZERO percent of jobs posted on Indeed are displayed in Google for Jobs!

So, what must YOU do to make sure your online job postings are included in Google for Jobs

AND they rank above your competition?

To get 1 good hire takes 1074 job seekers to view your job online, according to the 2018 Talent Board Candidate Experience report.

That means your company can’t afford to be left out of Google for Jobs AND not playing by Google’s rules.

The best place to start to optimize your Google job posting for maximum visibility and optimal search results is a Google for Jobs Search Audit, an exclusive service of Success Performance Solutions. Performed by Recruiting in the Age of Googlization author and hiring expert Ira S Wolfe and his staff, the Google for Jobs search audit will include a comprehensive look into your career site and job posting performance. You’ll receive a customized report and recommendations how to get more candidates to view your jobs and convert them into applicants.

Google for Jobs Search Comprehensive Report and Analysis

(includes but not limited to):

Does your Google job posting meet Google for Jobs validation?

Are your career site and job landing pages secure?

Are your job postings optimized for Google for Jobs search?

Are your job postings properly indexed for Google for Jobs?

Is your page speed optimized?

Recommendations for improvement

Up to 1-hour consultation on your Google job posting

What Should You Expect?

Our Google for Jobs Search Audit is a candid, honest, 3rd party no-holds barred, no-excuses evaluation of your job posting process.  If you’re looking for a sugar-coated “confirmation” report or you’ve got a thin-skin, the candidate experience, this audit isn’t for you. BUT if you’re looking to maximum your job listing visibility and seeking ways to improve your job posting search rankings and you can keep an open-mind, let’s talk now.

What this audit is not?

The Google for Jobs Search Audit is limited to the “evaluation and diagnosis” of problems in your site structure, layout, design, or coding that might be interfering or handicapping your ability to get your job postings listed and ranked higher in Google for Jobs.  The report will include recommendations and we’ll even prioritize what needs to be corrected first. But it does not include our time or services to fix what’s not working. (Think of the audit as the x-ray, not the treatment!)  In fact, Success Performance Solutions is NOT a web development or digital marketing company but work hand-in-hand with your team or can make recommendations for a change if you wish to do so. 

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Fees for this Google for Jobs Search Audit service will include a comprehensive report and up to 1-hour consult to review results.