PeopleClues Webinar #3: Reading the Personality Report

PeopleClues expert Ira S Wolfe discusses how to interpret the general reasoning and personality job fit scales during this 45 minute webinar. He reviews each of the 6 personality scales, which are based on the high quality and validated Five Factor Model, general reasoning scale, and good impression scale.

Ira reviews each scale of the following scales in detail.

1. Conscientious vs. Carefree
Describes the degree to which the individual is persistent, motivated, and organized, ranging from being highly disciplined and dependable to being carefree.

2. Likeable vs. Tough-Minded
Describes the degree to which the person is pleasant and agreeable, ranging from being warm, tolerant, and tactful, to being tough-minded, skeptical and direct.

3. Un-Conventional vs. Rules Oriented
Describes the degree to which the individual is predictable, rules oriented and structured, to being open to new ideas, adventuresome and inconsistent.

4. Extroversion vs. Introverted
Describes the style and focus of an individual’s emotional energy, ranging from being outgoing, dominant, ambitious, and sociable, to being introverted, shy, and quiet.

5. Stability vs. Sensitivity
Involves the degree to which an individual is emotionally stable and resistant to stress, ranging from being well-adjusted, calm, self-confident, and poised, to being sensitive and anxious.

6. Competitiveness vs. Collaboration (Teamwork)
Measures the degree to which the applicant is more individualistic and competitive or collaborative and win-win.

Optional: The PeopleClues® General Reasoning Scale measures an individuals speed of problem solving and learning styles.

Good Impression (Faking)
A validity scale that measures the degree to which the person has responded frankly to the test items or is responding in such a way as to make a good impression.