Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional intelligence testThis online Emotional Intelligence Style Profile uses participant responses to specific situations, real and hypothetical, a long two scales: ‘Degree of Structure,’ and ‘Motivation or Drive,’ thus creating a four-quadrant grid to help describe the tendency to draw on one or more styles: Reflective, Conceptual, Empathetic and Organized.

A personalized report of results with development suggestions is included. The Emotional Intelligence Style Instrument also identifies the benefits of using each style and helps clarify the link between behavior and its consequences. The personalized report gives practical suggestions on positive ways to use each style preference so that individuals can make progressive adjustments or “flex” their style when facing a variety of situations in the future.

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Emotional Intelligence BookThe Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook demystifies a complex subject that has only been covered by academic, heavyweight literature. This book takes readers through each of the five steps to attaining EI and describes how individuals and organizations can become emotionally intelligent. Management Pocketbooks are highly visual pocket-sized books that provide an excellent, practical self-development resource for learners as well as powerful material for trainers, coaches and managers who help others reach their potential.

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Developing emotional intelligence with ASSESSASSESS Selection and Development System is a comprehensive yet flexible web-based employee assessment system that links 25 job relevant personality traits to key sales, management and career core competencies. These traits identify an individual’s innate talent – his or her blueprint for natural talent.  By combining ASSESS development reports with ASSESS 360, an individual identifies gaps between his natural ability and performance on the job. Closing these gaps raises the emotional intelligence of salespeople, managers, leaders, and individual contributors.  The ASSESS System psychologists have assessed millions of people in a broad spectrum of industries and positions spanning 42 countries and supporting 16 languages. Backed by nearly 30 years of research, our job-and culture-specific assessments provide the information you need to make a confident hiring, development, or promotion decision.



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