Online Personality Assessment Tests for Employment

Online Personality Tests Allow You to Hire Competence and Promote with Confidence

Hire Competence

An online personality test is an invaluable hiring tool, especially for small businesses, when the impact of making a hiring mistake can cost thousands of dollars and lost customers. Using employee personality tests can save your company from costly mistakes.

You put a lot of time and effort into verifying the background and abilities of prospective employees. From interviews to reference checks, every step of the verification process takes time and money. And yet, even after all that investment, you still don’t know if they’ll be a good fit for your business. Unfortunately the best interview and background check in the world won’t tell you everything you need to know about a candidate’s potential. That’s why it’s important to assess employees using online personality tests for jobs and the workplace.

An validated and predictive online personality test for employees measures traits that are typically difficult to quantify. By using employee personality tests, such as PeopleClues, ASSESS, and Prevue, you can test for intangible qualities like honesty, interests, job fit, and even motivation.

Going one step further, a competency assessment tests more than just basic job skills. It can be used to measure abilities such as leadership qualities and management potential. Together, employee personality tests coupled with competency assessments can give you a much better picture of a candidate’s overall potential within your business.

Promote With Confidence

Online personality tests for jobs can also be an invaluable asset when you are considering the promotion of an employee. You have probably already given him or her a growing list of responsibilities, just to see how he or she responds. However, until an employee is confronted with the complexity of a management position, it’s difficult to know how he’ll perform.  That’s why a competency assessment test for managers is so important.

A competency assessment will tell you if your employee has the unique skills, abilities, and aptitude needed for a management position. From team delegation to multi-tasking, management positions need a distinct set of skills. Using a competency-base test for managers, you can find out ahead of time whether or not your candidate has those skills or the potential to develop them.  Management assessment tests can help you avoid the cost and aggravation of promoting someone who isn’t up to the task.

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