Management Effectiveness Profile

The Management Effectiveness Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument that will give executives and business owners a valuable employee evaluation for managers and supervisors, up and coming and incumbents. After managers evaluate their own competencies (or supervisors and peers evaluate them, too), individuals can develop individual improvement plans so they can supervise even more successfully in the future.

This trusted profile is self-scoring or online, user-friendly, and cost effective. Used in organizations across the country and in individual coaching situations, the tool is a must-have if you want to maximize the power of your most important resource-your leaders.

The profile contains 144 questions organized into 12 key categories of management effectiveness:

The Management Effectiveness Profile can help a manager identify personal strengths and weaknesses within 12 specific competency areas. A manager’s effectiveness is tied to the following competencies, under four clusters:

Managing Your Job:

  •  Managing and Prioritizing Time
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Planning and Scheduling Work

Relating to Others:

  • Listening and Organizing
  • Giving Clear Information
  • Getting Unbiased Information

Developing the Team:

  • Training, Coaching and Delegating
  • Appraising People and Performance
  • Counselling and Disciplining

Thinking Clearly:

  • Identifying and Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
  • Thinking Clearly and Analytically

The MEP takes around 30 minutes to complete and is designed to help individuals understand more about their relative abilities in the 12 competencies. A total of 84 questions assist individuals in determining their overall competence in each of the dozen areas.

Management Effectiveness Profile is available on paper and online. The online version is available as a self-report, 180 or 360 degree employee evaluation.

Management Effectiveness Profile (LEP) (PDF Download)

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Management Effectiveness Profile (LEP) (Online)

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Management Effectiveness Profile (LEP) (Online) – 360 or multi-rater feedback reports

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Also available:

The Management Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide-a complete how-to manual for facilitating a workshop based on the Management Effectiveness Profile. This Detailed Coaching Guide provides sufficient information to run a full feedback workshop for participants who have completed the Management Effectiveness Profile plus detailed coaching tips and suggestions for facilitators, coaches and trainers using the profile with participants.

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To receive a Management Effectiveness sample report, click here.

Training modules are available for each of the 12 core competencies. To learn more about supervisory and management training, go to Managing to Excel