Pre-Employment Tests for Engineers

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Pre-Employment Test for Engineers

Looking for a mechanical, chemical, aerospace, electrical, nuclear, or computer engineer? A pre-employment engineering skills test must be an integral part of an effective hiring process. For that reason testing engineers in nearly every industry is a specialty for Success Performance Solutions (SPS).  We understand that top performing employees must have certain qualities. Engineers are no exception so we have identified over 12 critical core competencies that these top performers have in common.  Here is a short list of these critical competencies:

In-Depth Problem Solving and Analysis

Decisive Judgment


Delivering Results

Quality Focus

Safety Focus

…to name a few

SPS technical skills assessment tests compare engineering candidates to other top performing engineers in more than a dozen core competencies. In addition to engineer competency comparisons, each assessment report includes a list of strengths and potential weaknesses in areas of thinking, working, and relating.  Interview questions are a popular feature too. To view a sample report of our pre-employment test for engineers, click here.