General Mental Abilities

“General Mental Ability is the best single predictor of performance, job competence and flexibility.”
David Bartram, a world renowned psychometrician and former President of the International Test Commission.

General reasoning skills (also called general mental abilities, “brain power,” ” mental horsepower”) is one component of “cognitive capacity,” an individual’s ability to handle complexity and ambiguity effectively and quickly. It is a measure of a candidate’s mental horsepower. It looks at the person’s ability to organize, extrapolate, and apply information in the making of decisions and solving of problems; to grapple with complexities of the job and your market. Individuals with high general mental abilities possess the ability to quickly and efficiently process large volumes of information of various types. They combine and synthesize information to develop plans, and define priorities and objectives quickly.

Success Performance Solutions offers two general mental abilities tests:

Prevue Learning & Reasoning ability tests for employment, which can be purchased independently or with the Prevue assessment suite.

PeopleClues General Reasoning which is a cognitive skills test that is included in the PeopleClues Assessment System.