PeopleClues Features and Benefits

PeopleClues® Features

PeopleClues® Benefits


  • Less than 20 minutes for personality/cognitive combined
  • 8-15 minutes for Honesty/Integrity.


  • Get predictive and valid data quick.
  • No proctoring required.
Easy to Use

  • No extensive training.
  •  No professional interpretation needed.

  • Rather than just giving a score or a scale for a trait, Clues tells how candidate will function in a job.
  • No guessing or interpretation necessary.  The reports are user friendly. And manager, small business owner, or HR profressional can read and  understand them.


 Business Use

  • Designed specifically for business hiring and development.
  • Unlike many other tests including Meyers Briggs, 16PF, Caliper, and Berkman which were designed  as clinical tools.
“Big 5” Principles

  • Based on universally accepted “Big 5” principles plus Team scale and cognitive abilities
  • You get the data you need for the traits that matter in business.
Normative Instrument

  • Normed on general population using latest psychometric principles with the ability to norm for individual clients or groups.
  • Assessment results reflect comparison to general population as opposed to simply a score.
Custom Profiles and Benchmarks

  • Easy and inexpensive customization allows different companies to identify the traits and competencies they need versus the general population.
  • Develop the success profile for your company verses a generic model.
Data Mining Capabilities

  • Allows original assessment data to be used for selection, interviewing, training, development, promotions, lateral moves.
  • Re-use the data for more than just selection or promotion event at no additional cost.
Faking Scale

  • Is candidate truthful, or just telling us what they think we want to hear?
  • Make sure you know the data is accurate.
Turn-Key Hiring System

  • Provides job report, interview questions, training/coaching report, and leadership report from same data set with no lengthy training classes.
  • Requires a minimum of training. Quick set-up.
Honesty & Integrity Test

  • Measures honesty, dependability and aggression.
  • Includes optional scales for Substance Abuse, Computer Abuse and Sexual Harassment.
  • The most modern, encompassing honesty assessment on the market.
Respected Psychologists

  • Assessments have been developed and validated by world renowned and respected psychologists Dr. Leonard Goodstein and Dr. Richard Lanyon.
  • You gain expertise and confidence in hiring from their years of experience and know the assessment is built right and is compliant.
User-Friendly System

  • Easily navigable system provides search mechanisms.
  • Archives data for future use in training or promotions.

  • Most companies will achieve ROI of well over 60:1 using the Clues assessments.
  • Tools are as cost efficient as they are informative.
Data-Basing Corporate Competencies

  • Identify leaders early in their career utilizing the data gathered in the hiring process.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses in each business unit and the “bench strength” for the future of the company.
Available in Multiple Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • English version specifically for India
  • Consistency across the world for multi-nationals.

Expected Corporate Benefits When Using PeopleClues Employment Assessments

  • Dramatically reduce cost per hire
  • Reduce turnover rates by 10% to 50% in first year
  • Increaase productivity due to better job fit
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduce worker’s compensation costs 5 – 15%
  • Identify future leaders and corporate bench strength

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