Honesty and Integrity Tests

Pre-employment testing is experiencing a meteoric rise in small business. Of particular importance is the growing interest in honesty and integrity tests.

employee theftWhen it comes to excuses for poor employee behavior, small-business owners have heard it all – from bad hair days to faulty alarm clocks. Sometimes the excuses are part of a chronic problem and it’s best to identify these types of bad behavior right up front. Discovering chronic absenteeism, sticky fingers or bursts of aggressive behavior after the fact is not only bad for business, it’s stressful and expensive too.

Rarely does the hiring of a candidate with high-risk behaviors and a bad attitude end well. While occasional success is possible, most of these situations still end up in termination after a parade of victims surface, ranging from the customer who refuses to do business with you anymore to the co-workers who files a sexual harassment charge to the employee who gets caught stealing from the company.

Unlike personality and behavioral-based tests which describe a candidate’s potential job fit, honesty and integrity tests attempt to reveal a candidate’s attitude toward work. Typical attitudes that are measured are honesty, hostility and dependability. In addition, several assessments include the option of evaluating a candidate’s attitude toward substance abuse, sexual harassment and computer misuse.

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