CriteriaOne: The Whole Person Approach to Hiring

CriteriaOne® helps identify candidates who can “hit the ground running”….. and keep running. It reduces training time by hiring and promoting candidates who are a better fit for the job and the organization’s culture. CriteriaOne allows managers to re-allocate resources to performance improvement and not training basic skills. Individuals who are motivated and a good fit succeed earlier, perform more consistently and remain in the job longer.

By developing your selection and performance management systems using the CriteriaOne® process, human resource and hiring managers can reliably link competencies to corporate goals and subsequently individual personalities to the required competencies. Because CriteriaOne® is based on the Whole Person Approach to assessing employees, organizations can safely comply with hiring and employment guidelines (established by the U.S. Department of Labor) while predictably identifying candidates and employees who have the character, the right competencies (what skills employees need to know),proficiency (how well employees can apply what they know), and motivation (will employees apply what they know) for any job.

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