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Recruitment Consulting

Efforts to recruit top talent are a colossal disappointment in most organizations. That’s why the recruitment of qualified employees has become the #1 problem that keeps 77% of CEOs awake at night. The changes your organization is facing are, quite simply, unlike anything any you’ve confronted before. In response, Success Performance Solutions has structurally shifted how companies attract and acquire more qualified applicant, reduce time-to-hire, improve poor quality of hire, and decrease employee turnover. If it’s time for you to embrace the new normal, Success Performance Solutions is ready to help you launch your recruitment into the exciting new era of Googlization.

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Hiring Process Consulting

Pre-employment testing has become an essential part of screening and selection. With the costs to hire and replace workers skyrocketing, trusting your intuition instead of relying on objective scientific employee assessment tests is a fool’s errand. Success Performance Solutions represents the best-of-the-best pre-hire and leadership test publishers and has emerged as the “go-to” resource that many organizations trust for hiring process improvement.

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Employee Engagement Consulting

As sure as the sun rises in the East, “How can I motivate, engage, and retain my employees?” is one of those questions that stumps managers on a daily basis. Based on the proprietary integration of over 60 years of Quality of Motivation research, employee assessment, and strategic use of surveys, Success Performance Solutions are experts in helping raise employee engagement, improve productivity, and lower attrition.

People Analytics

The analysis of data tells a story, one that is sorely missing in recruitment and talent management today. Hiring top talent shouldn’t be a mystery. There’s no reason to wait for months after the new hire’s first day at work to figure out how well he will perform. Likewise, terminations—voluntary and involuntary – shouldn’t be a surprise either. With the launch of our newest service InTalentGenix and the addition of IBM Watson to our team, Success Performance Solutions continues to lead our clients into an exciting new era of growth, opportunity, and success.

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