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Our library of off-the-shelf training for your employees is unsurpassed. Every course features a microlearning format, each lesson lasting 5 to 10 minutes. Videos include engaging visuals, adult learning design, and live presenters to retain your employees’ attention.

Business Skills

Whether it’s training for a new hire, re-skilling a current employee, or up-skilling future leaders. our business soft skill program included topics in communication, DISC, customer service, health and wellness, leadership, management, safety, selling skills, and many more!

Workplace Compliance

Our workplace compliance library provides all of the courses around harassment and discrimination you need to keep you compliant with federal and state regulations. Our courses help your employees and managers understand the issues, warning signs, and how not to become a target.  We have created additional anti-harassment courses to satisfy the needs of clients in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York.

Active Shooter

Our active shooter training content, created in tandem with ProActive Response Group, lays out a plan for employees on what actions to take when confronted with an active shooter situation. Topics include threat recognition, responding to that threat, learning life-saving medical training tips, and interacting with first responders and the aftermath.

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Safety Skills

Our safety training for employees helps you meet mandatory training requirements and teaches your employees how to handle on-the-job risks. For many organizations it isn’t just good practice but it’s mandatory. Our training includes important topics such as personal protective equipment (PPE), forklift safety, back smarts, hazard communication:labeling, OSHA, recordkeeping, machine guard safety, propane gas safety and more.

Software Skills

Our software skills training videos were created to help you and your team to be more effective and productive. They are designed to provide a solid introduction for new users and introduce new capabilities to regular users on topics like Office 365, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Gmail, and many more.

Career Development

We created this career planning topic to help temp agencies and recruiters help their job seekers get hired more quickly. Topics include everything from creating a resume, filing out a resume, knowing what an applicant tracking system is, preparing for interviews, writing thank-you letters, and much more.


Our banking training content covers essential financial topics for banking compliance such as banking secrecy, lending laws, credit union regulations, robbery training, quality customer service training for tellers, and specific regulations such as Regulation E, Right to Financial Privacy Act, USA PATRIOT Act, and much more.

Why Online Learning? 

If your company is serious about making a swift post-pandemic recovery, upskilling and reskilling current employees, or making effective online training available for geographically and work-from-home teams, you need training tools that engage the modern worker. Our online learning platform is designed to reboard your employees and help new hires hit the ground running. Each course follows best practices in instructional design and adult learning theory: to get the learner to watch, learn, remember, and ultimately change their behavior. There is no better time to get started today with the best online elearning experience on the market with Success Performance Solutions.

Is this your first venture into online learning?  No worries. Comparing elearning vendors and course choices can be confusing.  Our expert team is ready to walk through every step.

Do you already have an LMS but are looking for different courses?  That’s an easy fix too. We can add any of our courses to many other LMS platforms.

Worried that you’re a small business and can’t afford an LMS?  We’ve taken care of that too with our award winning LMS. We’re so confident you and your employees will like our courses, we give you the LMS FREE!

The only thing left to do is click here to speak with us or click on one of the contact us buttons. Let us help your workforce excel in the New Normal. 

How does it work?

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Why are your videos so short?

There is a method to our “madness.” We didn’t simply take a 60 minute training video and chop it up into smaller clips.  Our content is based on cutting edge instructional design and objective scientific studies of learning.  Many call this approach “microlearning.” The rationale is based on substantial research from many universities that found both employees and students have an attention span of about 10 minutes. After that, they get distracted or lose interest. That prompted many organizations to adopt the “microlearning” approach for online training and learning  – the average length of each video lasts approximately 7 minutes.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is the process of delivering bite-sized content to learners that they can consume all at once and apply the knowledge immediately. Research shows that employees learn best when the tools they use mimic what they use in their personal lives, like Netflix and TED.  It’s also important that learning content be available on-demand – when the employee has an immediate need to apply it.

How do I know if my employees are using the videos?

Our system provides you with easy-to-use reporting.  You can track when employees log in and how long they watched a video. If you use our LMS, we include a tool that offers prompted exam questions and a video recap. Emails are sent two days, two weeks, two months and four months after the course has been completed. The recap video will come with the fourth and final email.

Is the content and LMS mobile friendly?

Absolutely.  Employees can access it from any browser and most devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

More questions?

Just call us at 800-803-4304 or click on the “Contact Us” button to request a demo.

How often is the content updated?

Each month new or updated content is added and all content is reviewed each year. Recently we added COVID-19 Precautions, Pandemic Planning, and Remote Worker in response to the crisis. 

What languages are available?

Workplace Compliance Library and the majority of our Business Skills Library include English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), German, French, French (Canadian), Portuguese, and Thai captions. 

We're a small business and we don't have an LMS. How can employees access the courses?

We love small businesses so we provide our award winning learning management system for FREE. It was created learner-first, mobile-first, and is easy-to-use.

What does it cost to get started?

Our trial is 100% free for up to 15 days.  After that pricing depends on how many users and how many courses you choose. But we have very affordable small business packages starting with as few as 10 users.

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Return to Work Online Courses

As businesses prepare to reopen, many people are uncertain about what comes next. These courses are designed to help leaders, managers, and employees navigate “getting back to work” and refining their new roles in the new normal. Click HERE!

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