6 Reasons Why You Need to Test Office Skills Before Hiring

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The spring of 2021 saw a gain of over half a million jobs available to workers throughout the country. Consumer demand is picking up as the labor market indicates welcoming signs of expansion.

With such a large rebound in the number of Americans entering or returning to their job search, recruiters and hiring managers have their work cut out for them.

A competitive landscape means employers will need to be diligent in selecting the appropriate candidates. In order to narrow down a pool of applicants, baseline items such as office skills and critical thinking should be looked at as determining factors for whether or not a potential employee may be a good fit.

Curious how these specific skills may help you find the right employee for your company?  Continue reading for a few specific reasons why skills tests are beneficial in your search for the right candidate.

Office Skills

Skills tests are numerous and each measures a different skill set for a potential employee. These tests are a measure of actual knowledge sets an employee holds that are necessary to do the job.

Maybe you’re searching for a candidate who possesses excellent Microsoft Office skills, or maybe you’re hoping to find a candidate well-versed in Javascript.

Either way, making sure a potential employee takes a skills test prior to hiring can ensure relevant skills are implemented. In addition, it is a quick way to ensure what is listed on a resume translates into a real-life application.

1. Truthfulness

An office skills test will assist employers in verifying the truthfulness of an applicant’s interview and resume claims.

It can be as simple as an employee claiming to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. An office skills test can determine whether or not the employee does indeed possess the necessary proficiency required for the job.

Regardless of the specific skill in question, a quick test can help spot the legitimacy of a claim.

2. Differentiate

If you’ve got two potential hires stating they have similar skill sets, providing a skills test can be the difference between taking on a good employee and a great employee.

Let’s say you’re interviewing for an office administrator. You’ve got two hires who look great on paper with office assistant skills and office administrator skills that fit the bill. How do you make sure you hire the best choice between the two?

A skill assessment test will be able to provide a more nuanced insight between the two candidates who have seemingly similar experiences.

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3. Skills Gap

Using a skills test is hugely beneficial for determining which areas an employee could improve upon.

Perhaps the employee is a perfect fit in some areas but is lacking in one or two specific areas for the job. A test could determine the skills the employee will need to focus on in order to properly do the job.

4. Turnover

With the rise of the gig economy, the opportunities and choices for workers have increased. The hesitation to leave if a better opportunity arises has decreased.

Employees are more open to job-hopping if a position better fits their expectations. So, what is one way companies can meet those expectations – make sure the employee has the skills and attitudes to succeed and be happy. A key component to make sure this happens is to administer a skills test.

This could be anything from a behavioral test to a soft-skills test to be sure the candidate is indeed a good fit for the position in question.

5. Company Culture

When hiring a new employee, the personal fit for the company as a whole should come into play as well.

You may be hiring someone that has impeccable office manager skills, but unless they fit with the company culture or team as a whole, conflicts or poor performance will eventually manifest.

This could lead to more turnover or a generally unhappy environment. Rather than stalled projects or office tension, the right fit will aid in general business productivity.

Using a skill test can help bypass the shaky foundation that comes from hiring someone who may not fit in with a divergent personality or skill set.

A License to Skill

If you want your business to thrive, hiring the right employee is a crucial step.

From addressing a skills gap to differentiating between two similar candidates, testing for office skills can be the difference between rapid turnover or long-term retention.

If you’re trying to narrow down a large pool of candidates, the benefits of testing will provide the relevant information necessary to make the right choice.

Success Performance Solutions offer customizable pre-employment, leadership, and office skill tests for over 600 subject areas and nearly 7,000 topics. Contact us today and be on your way toward a smooth hiring process.

6. Performance

Testing is a measurable, objective outcome related to job performance as the results related to experience are laid out point-blank.

Research shows that most interviews are no better than flipping a coin when it comes to predicting future job success Rather than relying on interviews alone, an employee skill test will reveal how a candidate will actually perform on the job.

The skills and experience listed on paper don’t always translate into the real world and testing can verify as much.

A Note

It is worth a quick mention that these 6 reasons can be tested in a variety of ways. Everything from cognitive ability to aptitude can be considered as part of a testing regimen.

Depending on the job in question, a company may look at multiple tests in order to gauge a candidate’s qualifications for a role.

A License to Skill