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Beginning June 10, 2020

I’ve got an amazing line-up of free online learning events coming up starting on Wednesday (June 10) and continuing right through July. There are just too many to list right here so I’m going to limit it to just a few.  For updates on more webinars, live interviews, podcasts, and white papers, watch for updates from Googlization Nation.

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Thursday, June 11 at 11 AM EDT

Leveraging Facebook in a COVID World for Recruitment

I’ve partnered with JobSync for this one. Join us as we talk with Alexandra Anema, Social Media Director at Bayard Advertising, about how she is leveraging Facebook organic in this new COVID hiring world. We’ll talk real-world examples, how companies who need to scale hiring are making Facebook their second source of hires, and how companies with hard to fill positions are finding qualified candidates on Facebook, shortening hiring timelines and reducing their overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA.)



Thursday, June 25 at 2 PM EDT

The Failure of Current Talent Strategies

This is the 2nd of our 4-part webinar series on the Future of Employability. (You can watch the replay for the 1st webinar on-demand. CLICK HERE!

In this webinar, we are moving headlong into a global talent meltdown that will extend well beyond 2030. The pandemic didn’t create it but it sure did accelerate and worsen it. Dr. Ed Gordon continues the preview of his latest research for his forthcoming White Paper, “The 2030 Jobs Pandemic: The Future of Employment.” During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why past “solutions” for managing talent shortages are failing fast.
  • How the Fourth Industrial Revolution and imploding global demographics combine to significantly escalate skill demands
  • Identify what skills business and education must focus on and how to train for them



Thursday, July 16 at 2 PM EDT

Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion with Growth Mindset

Given recent events, the existential need to change, and a massive amount of evidence that reveals the staggering benefits that come with a diverse and inclusive culture, it’s no surprise that diversity and inclusion has finally become a strategic priority. According to a recent study, diverse and inclusive companies enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow and outperform other, non-diverse organizations by 35%. The question becomes: where do you begin? One powerful approach is applying Growth Mindset. This webinar explores the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and how growth mindset creates new opportunity for better leadership, building stronger and better cultures, and instilling for confidence and trust. Sarah Turner, The Faurote Group, will present and Ira S Wolfe, Success Performance Solutions, will moderate.




Wednesday, June 10 at 1 PM EDT

(replay available on your favorite podcast too)

Future of Work Needs Fixing Now

We’ve got another first on this week’s episode of Geeks Geezers and Googlization. Our guest is the “World’s 1st Industrial Philosopher” – Cristina DiGiacomo – and her visit couldn’t have come at a better time. The future of work arrived ahead of time thanks to the COVID19 pandemic and death of George Floyd. These events exposed massive cracks and vulnerabilities in our society, traditions, laws, and norms. If we want a better future, we need to create a better now! Relying on the wisdom of the greatest thinkers of all time (Socrates, Lao Tzu, Emerson, Plato, and the like), Cristina helps executives and entrepreneurs face the greatest challenges they confront at work. She’ll share those challenges and reveal how you can begin to think and respond differently to the now so you have a better future.

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Friday, June 12 at 11 AM EDT

Exactly What You Need to Jolt Your Recruitment Marketing

For far too long, companies treated recruitment no different than throwing their dog a bone. They posted a job opening and expected job seekers to run toward it. For as long as most of us can remember (and that’s a few decades for Baby Boomers like me), it worked. But following the convergence of technology, globalization, and shifting demographics, it’s time we teach recruiters and HR a few new tricks. Recruitment is marketing and in this era of an emerging new normal, it’s digital marketing. My guest today is Evan Knox, founder of Caffeine Marketing and a small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy and Evan is going to share how the same approach he teaches small companies applies to recruitment. BTW – Evan also shatters the Millennial stereotype (of lazy young people living in their parent’s basement) and exhibits many of the key qualities of a great leader.

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