Performance Reviews and Assessment Software

Success Performance Solutions are experts in helping small organizations implement effective performance management systems and automate annual employee performance reviews.

Managing Employee PerformanceWith effective performance management in place, individual goal achievement feeds organizational momentum. Without it, employees and management face off in the unenviable job of explaining how and why each of them ended up where they did, neither of them in the place they intended.

Performance management begins with the end in mind – a company’s operating objectives, developed by the CEO (or business owner) and his/her senior management team. The next challenge is ensuring that individual employee behavior and actions will turn activities into results. The final challenge then becomes sharing the goals and plans in a relevant and actionable way with all the employees – the people who actually will do the work.

Our powerful employee evaluation systems, performance software and assessments include:

  • 360 Multi-Rater Feedback
  • ASSESS Expert System
  • Perception 360