Jason Feifer, Millennials. Generational Gaps

There’s Nothing Wrong With Kids These Days

Oct 24, 2021

Adaptability pioneer and future of work thought leader Ira S Wolfe is interviewed by Jason Feifer, host of Build for Tomorrow

Kids! They’re lazy, narcissistic, and disrespectful — or so says the older generation. But when you look back through history, you’ll discover that older generations have been saying a version of the same thing for thousands of years. Our question is: Why? And we found an answer. Every once in a while, the cycle is momentarily broken. The old grump, the one bitterly protecting his own mortality will stop and look around with clear eyes. So let’s take a moment to celebrate a man who did just that. Remember Ira Wolfe from the beginning of this episode, he’s the business consultant who wrote the book Geeks, Geezers and Googlization and spent a chapter describing millennials as the dumbest generation?

Host: Jason Feifer, E

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