Hiring Smart Starts with Tests for Property Management

Pre employment tests help property management companies improve customer service, sales, client satisfaction, and performance. Our Elite Pre-Employment Suite includes employee assessment testing for general reasoning (cognitive abilities), personality job fit, and employee attitudes. Testing  is completed on online and reports are available immediately. Account set-up is easy and training to use and interpret reports is minimal. Plus all clients of Success Performance Solutions receive unlimited phone and email support.

Consultative Selling

SPS Property Management pre employment testing cover a wide range of jobs. Our job categories include reliable pre-hire job fit templates for the following positions:

  • Custodial
  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Property Leasing Consultant
  • Property Maintenance Assistant
  • Property Maintenance Supervisor
  • Property Manager

In addition to these specific property management pre-employment tests, we can customize an assessment for other property management positions as well as sales, customer service, administration, and dozens of other jobs.

Before hiring the wrong property management candidate, use a pre employment test. Still not convinced? Then watch this video.

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