Prevue Hiring and Assessment System

The Prevue Assessment System, published by View Assessments International Inc., provides businesses and human resource professionals with a suite of reports that assist in human resource decision-making. The Prevue Questionnaire is based on the ICES Plus Assessment Test, an accurate, valid and reliable psychometric assessment that measures work-related characteristics of people through their responses to a set of questions. It was developed exclusively for View Assessments International Inc. by world-renowned psychometric experts.

The construction and validation of the Prevue Assessment was completed in the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Malaysia. Approximately 4,700 employed people, in a variety of occupations, participated in the validation group. They worked for companies of all sizes and in government. The people in the validation study represent a true cross-section of the international workforce, giving the Prevue Assessment multiracial, multicultural and multilinguistic validity. Content, construct and job validation studies have confirmed the reliability and validity of the Prevue Assessment.

The validity and reliability of the ICES Plus test is further confirmed by numerous construct, content, concurrent, and predictive studies undertaken by NPAL. The details of all these studies are reported in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.

What is Prevue?

Prevue is a unique and powerful business management tool. In addition to the personality and interests scales found in many assessments, Prevue includes a validated and reliable General Abilities section. Prevue Assessment is at the leading edge of accurately and predictably assessing the whole person when it comes to asking: “Can and will he/she do the job?”

The Prevue™ Assessment is a scientifically designed method of measuring work-related characteristics of people. It is an accurate, valid, and reliable psychometric assessment used for a wide variety of human resource requirements including assisting in the prediction of the job suitability of candidates for specific jobs, aiding the team building process and detailing specific information on employees’ training and coaching requirements. Most human resource decisions will benefit from the use of the Prevue™ Assessment in conjunction with work history reviews and interviews. It is recommended that the Prevue Assessment should not constitute more than 30% of the decision-making process for selection of new employees and should be less when assessing existing employees where there is on-the-job information on file.


  • Evaluating job candidates
  • Evaluating present employees, to establish Benchmarks
  • Screening candidates for promotion
  • Evaluating employees to assess training needs
  • Building structured interviews
  • Linking personalities and abilities to core competencies
  • Providing coaching tips for managers

What does Prevue measure?

How does Prevue work?

The Prevue Benchmark

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