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Personality Tests “Useless”: Is this really true?

“Personality tests are useless at predicting future job performance,” if you believe self-confessed personality test hater Bob Corlett. Mr Corlett by the way is founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the HR Examiner. He feels personality testing is “just a way to shirk responsibility.” Except for that comment and his nuclear-like condemnation of […]

Personality Tests for Hiring | INC Magazine

                      SPS president Ira S Wolfe was interviewed for this February 2015 article about personality tests for hiring. He discusses the increasing popularity of  employee assessment tests in the workplace. Three Success Performance Solutions clients provide comments about their experience too. Download a reprint of the […]

Don’t Ignore the Dark Side of Personality in Leadership Development

By all rights we should have this down by now.  From consultancies and B-schools has come an outpouring of literature on leadership and leadership development, taking different approaches to the problem of turning promising employees into executives capable of taking charge.  Despite the avalanche of solutions, “lingering leadership crisis continues to haunt the corporations of […]

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

Passion, confidence, ambition, creativity, focus – these are all highly desirable attributes of any successful leader. But like almost every quality that people possess, when overextended our strengths can become weaknesses. And with just a glance through Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune or a host of other business magazines and journals and you will surely […]