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Don’t Ignore the Dark Side of Personality in Leadership Development

By all rights we should have this down by now.  From consultancies and B-schools has come an outpouring of literature on leadership and leadership development, taking different approaches to the problem of turning promising employees into executives capable of taking charge.  Despite the avalanche of solutions, “lingering leadership crisis continues to haunt the corporations of […]

Bottom Line Losses Tied to Bungling Managers

It’s well documented that a manager has more impact upon the retention of an employee than any other individual or any benefits has within an organization. In fact, survey after survey confirms that employees leave more jobs due to the ineffectiveness of a manager rather than to the benefits of an organization. A great place […]

Steps To Improving Retention and Managerial Competency

Former employees give a lot of reasons for quitting. Unfortunately one thing nearly always stands out: a poor relationship with his or her immediate supervisor. Frontline supervisors, often chosen for their productivity or longevity rather than management skills, lack the competency to manage today’s workforce, according to a recent report by the Denver (CO) Workforce […]

Why Use Dual Scale Performance Appraisals

The Dual Scale performance appraisal is rarely used but offers a significant improvement to single scale employee evaluation. Single-Scale performance appraisals can lead to misinterpretation of feedback to employees.  They offer a look at one “gap.” For example, let’s say a rater gives an employee a “3” on a 1 to 5 scale where “1” equals […]

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

Passion, confidence, ambition, creativity, focus – these are all highly desirable attributes of any successful leader. But like almost every quality that people possess, when overextended our strengths can become weaknesses. And with just a glance through Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune or a host of other business magazines and journals and you will surely […]

Managers vs. Leaders

By Ken Blanchard and Drea Zigarmi You may think of the words “manager” and “leader” as two concepts representing opposite ends of a continuum. The term manager typifies the more structured, controlled, analytical, orderly, and rule-oriented end of the continuum. The leader end of the continuum connotes a more experimental, visionary, unstructured, flexible, and impassioned […]