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How to Hire the Best Restaurant Manager

The wrong restaurant manager can be a colossal disaster with a devastating impact on the bottom line and reputation. Hiring (or developing) the right manager offers little margin for error. The credentials, skills, and abilities bar has been raised for restaurant managers, assistant managers, and kitchen managers. To help restaurant owners and operators screen, hire, and […]

Leadership Competencies: Senior Management Out of Sync

During a recent consulting project, we were asked to identify the leadership competencies required to lead a fast growing and successful organization.  The project was the first phase of a succession planning initiative. Using our leadership assessment competency identification exercise, we asked the board of directors for their opinions about what management skills will be […]

Steps To Improving Retention and Managerial Competency

Former employees give a lot of reasons for quitting. Unfortunately one thing nearly always stands out: a poor relationship with his or her immediate supervisor. Frontline supervisors, often chosen for their productivity or longevity rather than management skills, lack the competency to manage today’s workforce, according to a recent report by the Denver (CO) Workforce […]

3 Reasons Why Management Competency Models Fail

Big corporations have been talking seriously about management competencies for at least the past two decades.  Today even the smallest of small businesses have joined the discussion. Many organizations are dedicating time and resources into creating leadership and management competency models. Unfortunately, the discussions are often superficial and the final list of required skills often looks like […]