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An Expert’s 3 Tips for Selecting the Right Leadership Test

Behavioral interviews and leadership assessments are effective ways to expose potential blind spots, or as I tell clients – everyone has an Achilles Heel. Leadership assessment tests help identify the Achilles Heel before you hire or promote? Here are three tips to select the right leadership test: Select an assessment that covers the behavioral competencies and […]

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

Passion, confidence, ambition, creativity, focus – these are all highly desirable attributes of any successful leader. But like almost every quality that people possess, when overextended our strengths can become weaknesses. And with just a glance through Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune or a host of other business magazines and journals and you will surely […]

HVAC Company Cultivates Young Employees for Leadership Roles

by Jim T. Ryan Contributing Writer Cleo Weaver faced a tough decision this year: maintain the status quo at his business, Triangle Refrigeration Co., or go for growth. Weaver said his company has posted solid revenue, but it hasn’t undertaken a significant expansion in 10 years. “We’re not on a fast track to success,” Weaver […]