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Elite Grit Profile

Elite Grit Profile identifies why some individuals accomplish more than others, even when they seem to have the same cognitive ability and talent. What is Grit?  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, grit is a combination of personality traits that define “firmness of character; indomitable spirit.” It is the ability to predict successful outcomes in different […]



3 strategies that will change the way you screen One day employees seem to be on the top of the world, firing on all cylinders. The next day their lives and careers implode.  Why does this happen? Why does this happen? A lack of emotional intelligence may provide the answer. Despite extensive research to the […]

Personality Assessment Tests Crack the Job Fit Code

How does personality assessment testing help find the right employee for the job? Before we get into personality assessment testing, let’s start with what personality is. Personality is typically defined as the unique bundle of motivations, attitudes and behaviors that make each of us who we are. One individual’s personality package may be outgoing, creative, […]

Employee Turnover? Ask These 8 Questions to Fix It

Employee turnover is affecting every organization in every industry from Iowa to India, from California to China. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a small company or a multi-national, whether you’re selling food, clothes, and technology or providing healthcare to patients. Employee turnover is a growing problem. That begs the question: Why do […]